Student Services Contingency

Keep Calm and Carry On with Student Services

MSC Staff and Student Services COVID-19 Information

Admissions and Registrar's Office

Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Best and Fastest way to communicate is by email:
If you need to speak to someone: 580-387-7230 or 580-387-7233 (if no answer, please leave a message)

Services will continue to be provided as usual except the following:

*Admission Applications will be processed but instead of receiving an acceptance letter by mail, it will be sent by email.

*Transcripts can only be sent through the National Student Clearninghouse at

All MSC employees who are able to work remotely should do so, starting no later than Monday, March 23. Employees whose work requires them to be physically present on campus will be notified by their supervisors.

Academic/administrative leaders and their human resource and supervisor teams are currently working to develop case by case plans based on the immediate needs and nature of individual units' work. Supervisors are asked to be in touch with their teams as soon as possible to communicate plans.

All student service offices and faculty should make plans to continue conducting business and work remotely. Faculty with lecture classes should use the week of March 23 to prepare lecture classes to transition to online. Starting March 30, lecture classes will go online. Classes that were already online classes should continue, but may need adjustments in testing and lab instruction. Faculty resources for making this transition are available. Faculty are enouraged to use mulitple means of instruction and to be flexible with students.

Continued Services for Offices

Phones-Phones should be transfered to cell or google phone and person(s) designated to answer phones in order to conduct normal business during business hours.

VPN-Staff with laptops should have computers setup with essential software and the ability to vpn for critical documents.

Zoom-Staff should set up a permanent zoom link for each office so that students can zoom in for personal meetings. Staff members should have zoom logged in and be ready respond to students during office hours.